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Celebrating Excellence at the AIDA Awards

Design Awards


At Elton Group, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we are proud sponsors of the AIDA Sustainability Advancement Award, which recognises outstanding achievements in sustainable design. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Kennedy Nolan and Finding Infinity for their remarkable achievement with the Wilam Ngarrang Retrofit project.

Kennedy Nolan and Finding Infinity for Wilam Ngarrang Retrofit Project

The Wilam Ngarrang Retrofit project by Kennedy Nolan and Finding Infinity revitalised a 1970’s Melbourne inner-city apartment block through a ‘minimal-intervention’ approach. Its goals included achieving a net-positive energy output, reducing grid water demands, minimising construction waste and lowering carbon emissions. Strategies included enhancing building airtightness, installing rooftop rainwater collection, implementing efficient water fixtures and adding a comprehensive solar system. The project also features heat recovery ventilation units in each apartment for improved environmental performance and comfort.

Partnering with HomeGround, two apartments are leased below market rates to support individuals facing housing challenges, demonstrating a commitment to social equity alongside environmental sustainability. This project sets a new standard for urban redevelopment, showcasing sustainable design’s role in creating resilient, inclusive communities.

Elton Group also extends this celebration to the Commendations for Sustainability Advancement of these equally impressive projects:

COX Architecture for CSL Global Headquarters and Centre for Research & Development

COX Architecture’s design for CSL’s new Headquarters and Centre for R&D exemplifies a harmonious blend of innovation, collaboration and sustainability. Imagined as a vertical campus spanning 16 levels, the project integrates internal green spaces that connect visitor areas, work zones and laboratory facilities. The textured podium facade, adorned with deep limestone clad portals and large-scale sun shading elements, not only enhances energy efficiency but also creates a warm, tactile experience at street level. Designed with a user-centric ethos, the building features inviting street-level contours, sheltered alcoves and communal spaces that foster spontaneous interactions. Despite initial design development predating the Covid-19 pandemic, responsive adjustments have ensured the project’s resilience and adaptability to evolving circumstances.

TERROIR for TERROIR Hobart Office

TERROIR’s Hobart Office fitout challenges conventional notions of sustainable architecture by reimagining existing resources. The project, a manifestation of efficient resource use, cannibalises and reconfigures pre-existing elements to create a dynamic and resource-efficient workspace. Old wall finishes were removed to reveal and repurpose 1960s framework carpentry, while new partitions and windows were crafted from reclaimed materials. The result is a workspace rich in character, with playful elements like peek holes and cubby holes that redefine traditional office configurations, promoting interaction between people and place.

Studio Edwards for Today Workplace

Located within a 12-storey office block in Collingwood, Studio Edwards’ Today Workplace redefines office design with a strong emphasis on sustainability and collaboration. Spanning 900m², the space is meticulously designed to minimise waste and maximise flexibility. All walls are movable panels, enhancing the dynamic and collaborative nature of the workspace. Circulation spaces are optimised to promote interaction and connectivity, fostering a collaborative spirit among team members, clients, and collaborators alike. Today Workplace stands as a testament to sustainable design principles, seamlessly integrating creativity with environmental responsibility.

The awards gala, held at Sydney’s Sofitel Wentworth, was a captivating evening that brought together industry friends, leaders, and visionaries to celebrate excellence in design. It was a night to remember, filled with inspiration and admiration for the outstanding projects showcased. Congratulations to all the awarded practices and those shortlisted for their dedication to pushing the boundaries of design innovation.

Here at Elton Group, sustainability is not just a goal; it’s a guiding principle that shapes our business practices. We believe in supporting initiatives like the AIDA Awards that champion sustainable practices and innovation in design. By sponsoring the Sustainability Advancement Award, we aim to encourage and celebrate those who are leading the way in creating a more sustainable built environment.

We are continually inspired by the creativity and dedication demonstrated by all participants in advancing sustainable practices in design. We are committed to playing our part in driving positive change in our industry and beyond, promoting a future where sustainability and design excellence go hand in hand.

Touchwood – The Hands That Touch the Timber



Melbourne Design Week & ‘Touchwood—The Hands That Touch the Timber’

Participating in Melbourne Design Week aligns perfectly with our values at Elton Group, showcasing our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the celebration of timber in design. This prestigious event provides a platform to highlight our values and connect with the vibrant design community, emphasising the importance of sustainable materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Our ‘Touchwood: The Hands That Touch the Timber’ exhibition was a standout event, held at the Tongue & Groove showroom in Richmond. The exhibition captured the natural beauty and sustainability of timber, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship of our talented collaborators.

The exhibition featured a diverse group of creative partners, each contributing unique pieces that demonstrated their mastery over timber. Their contributions brought the story of timber to life, creating an immersive experience that resonated with all who attended.


Edward Linacre

Sibling Pendant
Materials: Eveneer WoodLight veneers: White Oak & Quilted Maple, solid Vic Ash, LED

Sibling Pendant is the fourth realisation of the ongoing collaboration between Elton Group and Edward Linacre Studio. The work aims to highlight the inherent beauty of timber grains through illumination. ELS has been utilising Elton Group’s veneers for 10 years in his lighting designs and artworks, and is pleased to release the first lighting work incorporating Eveneer WoodLight translucent veneer technology.

Drew Abrahamson

Bastet Lamp
Materials: Eveneer Raw veneer: ALPI Pure White Erable, oak, brass, ceramic, steel

The Bastet Lamp is a playful statement piece that effortlessly combines whimsical design with elegant craftsmanship. The unique lamp has three dimmable light sources, crafted from timber, high quality ceramic and completed by brass accents.

Ross Didier

A Conversation in Still-life
Materials: Solid timber stained, Eveneer Raw veneer: ALPI Smoky Velvet, MDF

Furniture as personified characters, capturing a journey of conversation over coffee. Each piece in the scene crafted and momentarily captured in timber.

Bolaji Teniola

1. Rudimental Vessel 02
2. Sun-Moon Vessel
3. Whisky Vessel
Materials: (1) Pine, Red Gum, plywood (2) American Walnut, Pine, Red Gum, Plywood (3) American Walnut, Pine, Red Gum, plywood

Made using found objects and rudi- mentary structures as moulds, these intricate forms express a continued exploration of Teniola’s use of timber shavings —a byproduct of woodworking.

Hayley Curnow

Shall I Compare Thee to a Burl Log?
Materials: Solid timber burl log, newspaper, packing paper, cardboard, timber veneer sheets, sisal twine.

This dual composition, combining a sawn burl log and totem of salvaged sheet materials, offers an abstract commentary on material scarcity and abundance, accompanied by curious words.

Shannon McGrath

Black–‘Mark 02’ 2. Blue–‘Mark 10’
Materials: Canson Cotton Rag 310gsm AO size

These stacks of saw-mill timber were photographed in situ and without any intervention in their arrangement or colour. McGrath was drawn to how the light naturally hits the objects and remains in an interplay with the darkness and shadows of the grain, the individual and beautiful markings the blade has left on the natural material and the extrusions and hollows of the layering of the wood.

Dustin Fritsche

Next To Bed Remix
Materials: Eveneer Raw veneer: ALPI Sottsass Grey, Abet Laminati laminate: blue, solid oak: blue acrylic

Next To Bed Remix is a playful yet practical approach to a bedside table. Utilitarian with its storage both open and concealed and durable with its laminate top.

Rochelle Morris

tre(e)atise to seed
Materials: Wayut (Woiwurrung) eucalyptus stringybark, mallee (Woiwurrung) eucalyptus cineria, warrigal greens, autumn leaves, lilies, crassula dubia, arum italicum, verbena bonariensis, magnolia seeds, coriander, marigolds, pollen, soil, assorted seeds, water, timber frame, oak floorboards.

An ephemeral and regenerative installation that consists of home grown plants and building materials, which can be returned to the earth for harm reduction purposes.

Tanya Hillman

The Grainfather
Materials: 5x5mm Eveneer WoodWall pixels in 12 selected tones

A legacy portrait of Michael Elton (1951–2020), in honour of the passionate and visionary man behind the Australian veneer industry. Made of hand cut and individually laid timber veneer pieces. His hand touched many timbers.


We are grateful to our esteemed panellists for their enlightening discussion on the sustainability of timber and its biophilic benefits.

Tom Bodycomb from Green Magazine shared expertise on sustainable design trends, while Melissa Leung from Fraser and Partners provided valuable insights into integrating timber in modern architecture. Michael Welgus from Studio Welgus sparked imaginations with his visionary exploration of timber’s potential in residential projects, unveiling groundbreaking design possibilities that captivated the audience. Dylan Kane, Managing Director of Elton Group, enriched the conversation with expert insights into timber production, sustainability practices and industry best practices.

The dialogue underscored the critical role of timber as a sustainable resource and its positive impact on our living environments.

We would like to extend our appreciation to our industry partners, media, and guests who attended and contributed with insightful questions, enriching the discussion on timber sustainability and its applications in design and construction.

Fraser and Partners

Studio Welgus

Green Magazine


We are grateful to everyone who attended and contributed to making this event a memorable success. Your presence and engagement helped to highlight the significance of timber in design and architecture.

As we reflect on this event, we remain committed to celebrating and promoting the sustainability benefits of timber. We look forward to future collaborations and continuing to inspire through the timeless beauty of timber.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Image credits (All except slide 1):
Adam O’ Sullivan

Spotlight on BY SOMA

Eveneer Prefinished   Projects   Residential


In conversation with Sohail Masoudi: Director of BY SOMA discusses his recent project Glenmore Road, Paddington, NSW featuring Eveneer Prefinished Planked Walnut Groove

“This project exemplifies our dedication to creating spaces that harmonise historical reverence with modern comfort, showcasing how Eveneer Prefinished contributes to our vision of timeless and sophisticated residential design.”


Before founding BY SOMA, Sohail worked in some of Australia’s most reputable architecture firms, managing a variety of exciting projects. BY SOMA was born out of a growing desire to create something more personal and meaningful with his passion for empathetic and unpretentious design.


Luxury is not about opulence, possessions, or flashy trends. To us, luxury is about creating a space that tells a story, connects nature, and enriches your daily life. To achieve this, we selected on Eveneer Prefinished Planked Walnut Groove to achieve this in Glenmore Rd House. The house is a celebration of history, comfort, and timeless elegance. The rich heritage of the house has been honoured, while contemporary additions ensure a more liveable space for a modern family. We believe a crucial aspect of restoring a historic house lies in the additions made to it. Central to our approach was the creation of comfortable, liveable spaces using only natural materials, built with incredible craftsmanship worthy of preservation for decades to come.


Eveneer Prefinished Walnut Groove was a perfect choice for our joinery finish throughout the house. It’s natural, elegant beauty, the warmth and depth provided by its texture in the Eveneer Prefinished range, make it a highly desirable finish. The beautiful wood veneer adds sophistication to our designs, while the use of engineered natural materials aligns with our commitment to sustainability by using less raw material and ensuring sustainable sourcing. Additionally, the controlled prefinished quality ensures consistency and saves time on site, making the process more efficient and cost-effective. These qualities contribute to a more sustainable approach to design and building, aligning perfectly with our vision of creating timeless, sustainable, and beautifully crafted spaces at BY SOMA. The natural beauty of the walnut veneer complemented our minimal yet strong palette of colours, allowing us to focus on meaningful and considered detailing inspired by the heritage of the house.


We believe that a timeless design built using natural materials is a profound way of achieving sustainability. By creating spaces that remain relevant and beautiful over time, we reduce the need for frequent renovations or rebuilds, thereby conserving resources. Natural materials like timber and stone not only provide a sense of warmth and authenticity but also have a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic alternatives. This approach ensures that our designs are not only elegant and enduring but also respectful of our planet’s resources.

To us sustainability is more than just a practice; it is a fundamental philosophy that guides every aspect of our work. We believe that true sustainability is achieved through timeless design and the use of natural materials. Natural materials such as timber, stone, and greenery are central to our designs, not only for their aesthetic and tactile qualities but also for their lower environmental impact compared to synthetic alternatives. Additionally, we have a strong appreciation for engineered natural materials. These materials allow us to achieve the same beauty and quality with less raw material, making them a more sustainable choice. Engineered materials often have improved performance characteristics and require less maintenance, further contributing to the longevity and sustainability of our projects.

Explore the Eveneer Prefinished range here

Visit the By Soma website here

All images by Daniel Cook

Continuing to Craft Perfection

Eveneer Prefinished


Continuing to Craft Perfection: Eveneer Prefinished Timber Veneers

Elton Group’s relentless pursuit of material perfection is embodied in the Eveneer Prefinished timber veneer range, which combines beauty, outstanding performance, quality, and unmatched consistency.

Natural timber veneer, with its elemental allure and inherent warmth, has long been cherished in the design world. However, the process of selecting and matching grains is intricate, and finding an expert polisher is increasingly difficult. Achieving a flawless, high-quality finish in a timely and cost-effective manner, especially for large-scale projects, remains a significant challenge.


The Eveneer Prefinished timber veneer range by Elton Group offers an elegant and professional solution, combining the authenticity of sustainable natural timber veneer with unparalleled quality, consistency, and innovation. Established over 70 years ago in Melbourne, Elton Group has been a leading innovator in timber veneer surfaces, and the Eveneer Prefinished veneers epitomise the brand’s exceptional commitment to the industry.

Tailored to local contexts, this prefinished range features a factory-applied polyurethane polish with UV inhibitors, engineered for Australia’s unique climates.

Available in a curated selection of touch, wax, and groove finishes, these veneers accentuate the inherent beauty of natural timber and ensure exceptional durability.


Reflecting Elton Group’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions, the Eveneer Prefinished range now includes the ALPIready construction—a revolutionary all-timber veneer with an unmatched Group 1 fire rating. Engineered with two high-quality layers of timber veneer and crafted without plastics or laminate backing, ALPIready veneers are responsibly sourced and finished with a pre-applied timber polish, making them ready for immediate use and the only all-timber veneer in the Australian market to meet this stringent fire safety standard.

Developed with Elton Group’s Italian manufacturer ALPI, based in Italy, this product represents a genuine alignment of values. ALPI’s legacy is defined by excellence, meticulous manufacturing traditions, and responsible forestry practices. Their commitment to sustainable innovation and expertise in harvesting plantation timbers allows for the creation of recut veneers with carefully curated patterns and stunning shades, often replicating old-growth timbers that can no longer be harvested. This partnership ensures that the sustainability profile of Eveneer Prefinished timber veneers matches their premium quality.


Elton Group has expanded the Eveneer Prefinished range with three new shades: Mandel, Roma, and Dawn. Inspired by the quintessential tones and textures of the Australian landscape, these new colours reinforce the refined character of the palette. Each new colour is available with matching timber edging, ensuring a cohesive and refined look for joinery and panelling.

From captivating new finishes and inspiring design collaborations with Piero Lissoni, to best practice fire-rated formats, the Eveneer Prefinished range is the unparalleled choice for architects and designers who value efficiency, consistency, sustainability and quality.

Explore the full Eveneer Prefinished range and order your samples now.

Image credits in slide order:

    1. Eveneer Prefinished Planked Oak Groove
      Project: MAD Studio by MAD Studio
      Photographer: Johnathan VDK

    2. Eveneer Prefinished ALPI Xilo White Touch
      Project: Armadale House by Carole Whiting
      Photographer: Rhiannon Taylor

    3. Eveneer Prefinished ALPIReady Mandel Wax
      Project: Holloway House by Empire Interiors
      Photographer: Natalie Jeffcott

    4. Eveneer Prefinished ALPIready Roma Touch
      Project: Mornington House by Kirril Architects
      Photographer: Dave Kulesza

    5. Eveneer Prefinished ALPI Xilo White Touch
      Project: Stanhope Kincrest by Telha Clarke
      Photographer: Timothy Kaye

    6. Eveneer Prefinished ALPI Xilo Black Touch
      Project: Inside Outside House by Studio AEM
      Photographer: Brigid Arnott

Timber grains and veins

Commercial   Residential


As the saying goes, creativity courses through the veins, runs in the genes, and is multi-generational, and the talented Matyas family is testament to that!

Interior Designer Nina Matyas, associate and lead of the interior design department works alongside her architect father John as Matyas Architects, an architecture and interior design practice started in 1989. In her words, it is an easy pairing. (Her mother is also trained interior designer who has since pursued a passion in fine art) Nina grew up surrounded by all things design. Father and daughter share a similar creative ethos and design aesthetic which is heavily focussed on material and form and is recognisable across their projects …

Outgrowing their previous office, Matyas purchased an undeveloped block on Bay St, Brighton and designed and built a new four-storey building to house not only their practice, but a spacious light filled apartment, sensitively inserted into the high street of this beachside suburb. The project, protracted by the Covid lockdowns, evolved as they were pushed to make decisions on materiality and form onsite, streamlining and paring the design back to its simplest elements. The restrained palette is made up of a considered balance of small form blockwork, precast concrete, timber floorboards and light grained joinery (achieved with Elton Group’s timber look surface; Evenex Sincro in Deep Grain Oak).

An unostentatious entry leads up a flight of stairs to the first-floor office and again to the apartment. Curved forms abound—a signature sculptural approach externally as well as internally. Moving through the apartment is a surprising experience. Arriving into a double height, light filled and generous foyer, the Deep Grain Oak surface is the perfect tone and texture, extending from the living spaces, into the magnificent curves of the kitchen and again into the more intimate bedroom zones. Matyas have given very careful consideration to the joinery and detailing, cleverly elevating the role of Evenex throughout wall surfaces, bulkheads, kitchen and pantry cabinetry, bookshelves and bedroom joinery; a consistent soft, warm texture against the blockwork and stone complemented with light filled volumes and well selected furniture, achieving what John refers to as ‘quiet luxury’.

“It was important to us to create a space which was inviting, warm, cosy and friendly”—John Matyas

The spaces are calm and serene though the clever selection and detailing of materials. The consistency of material brings gravitas continuing from inside to out, with exposed blockwork brought to life with green walls and patio gardens.

Click here for the video presentation

Design: Matyas Architects
Photography: Alex Reinders

Less is more is the overriding principle behind Andrew Piva’s brief to himself in the design of his Malvern family home. On a small plot of land entered via a laneway, the architecture maximises the block, in a sensitive and unexpected way …

“The Tuscan Oak surface is both a hero and complementary to his beautiful collection of art, collector furniture and pared back aesthetic.”


Drawing on his own European heritage, BE Architecture’s Design Director has dug deep in the design and architectural expression with strong links to Spanish and Italian domestic courtyard houses. The home is inward looking and planned around a series of internal patios and courtyards, entered in a surprisingly modest way, and opening to reveal a series of spaces which play on light and materiality. Aligning with these European references, and minimalist approach, the architecture is based on a minimal palette of just 3 key materials, timber, limestone, and masonry thereby drawing attention to the application, proportion, and articulation. Elton Group’s Evenex Sincro – Tuscan Oak has been used masterfully as the primary material for walls, doors, and joinery, creating a warm and holistic space.

Andrew confesses to labouring over each detail, with hand sketches, cameos, and conversations over every decision. He approached the timber-look surface as he would a natural timber, and the results make it almost impossible to tell this is not a timber veneer. Considered, confident and pushing the boundaries of the material, his skilled detailing elevates the material, with ‘solid’ edging cut from the panels, inlays, shadow lines, clever corner junctions and the rotation of the grain direction to deal with limitations of panel lengths and ceiling heights.

As the core joinery material, Evenex Sincro was the natural choice and perfect material surface solution, being budget friendly, easy for the joiner to use, consistent in colour and pattern and UV stable. From an aesthetic perspective, pre-sealed and with a beautiful grain, it brings warmth and texture to contrast with the stone and create an ambience of rational, balanced calm. Andrew worked closely with the builder and joiner, the latter working on site for 3 months bringing to life Andrew’s vision room by room. The timber surfaces are further supplemented by curated elements of art and furniture, collected over time, and the ambience is one of a family home which has been there for years, solid, homely, comfortable.

Andrew has worked with Elton Group for many years. A chance meeting at an industry event affording us the chance to speak with Andrew in depth, visit his home and, in collaboration with The Local Project, create a video enabling him to share his inspiration and journey. Andrew is a natural speaker, proud and humble at the same time. His home perfectly reflects this, designed to be both modest in size and expression and generous in materiality, proportion and comfort, it is family and living friendly. In addition to the material selection, the mastery of the design is in the teasing glimpses of spaces beyond and the capture and play of natural light and the changing aspects brought by its journey through the house throughout the course of the day. The tone of the timber-look surfaces changes with the play of light from moody and evocative to bright and warm.

To open the front door is to enter another world and stepping through it is a planned and curated experience, however, without a doubt, the kitchen and dining room are his favourite spaces.

“The heart of the home is flooded with Tuscan Oak, all walls, joinery, and doors, fully enveloped in this warm comforting feeling. That’s what the house is all about.”—Andrew Piva


The Casa Piva House is featured in The Local Project Issue #14, March 2024.

Marble and Velvet – Riverlee by Studio Tate



‘There’s something about the walnut veneer finish that is very sophisticated aesthetically, but it’s also super luxurious and cosy; it almost envelopes you and gives you a hug.’

On the top floor of a commercial building in Collins Street, Melbourne, a former plant room has been transformed by Studio Tate into a sophisticated workplace for property developer Riverlee. Housing a team of almost 50, the project harmonises the requirements of a busy head office with a desire for comfort and hospitality, largely through its elegant palette of materials including Eveneer Raw: Even Walnut timber veneer.

Design director of Studio Tate, Alex Hopkins believes the deep, warm hue of Eveneer Raw Even Walnut timber veneer perfectly met the brief. The walnut embrace stretches from one end ­of the office to the other, spanning joinery, desktops, wall panelling and ceiling details. “There’s a wall running through the space from the boardroom to reception and the way that it is detailed, it’s crafted as if we would be crafting joinery or panelling in a high-end residential project,” Alex explains. “The wall partitions feel like they’re part of the joinery and there’s a real sense of craftsmanship in the space.” Elegant and stately, the classic ambience imparted by the Eveneer Raw Even Walnut also gave Studio Tate licence to introduce patinated leather, natural stone and jewel-like hues in textiles and other details.

Adapted from an article in The Local Project.
See in full here

Design: Studio Tate
Photography: Sharyn Cairns

CBA Darling Quarter

Commercial   WoodWall


‘Connections at all levels, adaptability in function, visibility in circulation – across all scales this is a project defined by openness, fluidity, and hybridity. It’s about a workplace that allows for variety, but specifically a variety designed to make teams work and communal spaces matter’ —David Whittaker of Hassell.*

Expert workplace designers, the Hassell team have transformed the existing CBA building at Sydney’s Darling Quarter South building into a contemporary, light filled natural environment supporting wellbeing and work.

Experienced in the specification of Eveneer WoodWall across multiple successful large-scale commercial projects, Hassell have maximised the characteristics of the material in the realisation of extensive swathes of lightly patterned blonde WoodWall Maple rotary veneer, forming horizontal ribbons each seamlessly wrapping the ascending layers of bulkhead to create a rhythm of staggered timber horizon lines when viewed from the atrium.

The colour and texture of the veneer bring a contemporary warmth to the vast multi-level atrium, cleverly contributing to the sense of scale and proportion and, combined with the overall material selection a balanced biophilic sensibility.

From the atrium curved avenues lead to the workplace zones reinforcing this sense of movement. Once again WoodWall Maple contributes a sense of movement- in its simple and familiar ‘marbled’ rotary cut pattern., The sweeping corridors have been expertly detailed, masterfully playing with grain direction in a syncopated rhythm of horizontal and vertical elements.

*Indesign May 29, 2023

Design: Hassell
Photography: Earl Carter

A Connoisseur of Colour; Bethan Laura Wood in Australia

Alpi Designer Collections   Exhibition


London Based Bethan Laura Wood’s response to her Mecca Women in Design* commission was to create a Regency inspired bookcase installation dressed in custom Alpi timber veneer.

Describing her work as bounded by her passion for colour, material investigation and artisan collaboration, Bethan’s Kaleidoscope-o-rama represents not only the practical and beautiful object but serves as a platform for commentary and response to selected pieces from the British Regency era of the NGV’s collection …

Central to the exhibit, her 360-degree tiered timber bookcase references the form of a kaleidoscope, the structure serving as a symbol for the ever-changing viewpoint. It’s function as a receptacle for books is informed by her interest in Regency period female authors and the dissemination of engendered knowledge, complemented by a curated library including some of her own childhood volumes and contemporary research.

The bookcase is a contemporary nod to the women’s blue stocking societies of the late 19th century; an informal organisation of privileged women with an interest in self-education and literature.

The piece is also dedicated to historical ways of crafting and material reinvention. Statically the piece resembles an evocative contemporary piece of joinery but touch the shelf and a magical transformation happens which literally takes your breath away.

“Colour is the way I read the environment around me. I’m drawn to read a space through the nuance of colour-and I use that in my work.”—Bethan Laura Wood

Elton Group met with Bethan on her recent visit to Melbourne and spoke with her about her unique experience collaborating with ALPI to create the uniquely coloured and patterned bespoke veneers of Kaleidoscope-o-rama.

Bethan worked closely with ALPI technicians to developed layered wood blocks, in their factory in Modigliana, Italy, referencing dyed veneers from their archival collection and experimenting with colour and graining inspired by colour combinations from her research of the Regency period. The blocks, when sliced into veneer sheets, produce multicoloured bold patterns, transforming with each sheet, in imitation of fancy period woods.

Bethan referenced the skill of the joiner in pattern matching to create an unpredictable and wonderful surface material.

Elton Group shared the stories behind the development of Kaleidoscope-o-rama with Melbourne’s A&D community over a series of small tours coinciding with International Women’s Day 2024.

The intimate experience included a demonstration of the process of the making of ALPI veneers, and tiny paper prototypes created by Wood on display as part of the ‘Making NGV Triennial’, showcasing methods and materials as well as the opportunity to discuss the full meaning of the bookcase and the veneer in situ on the second-floor Regency room, followed by a Q&A session in Tadao Ando’s M Pavilion.

*The Mecca Women In design champions creative women changing the design world through the Women in Design Commission – a major ongoing series that invites internationally renowned female designers and architects to create new and important work for the NGV Collection. More details here

The NGV Triennial is a collection of  120 artists, designers, and collectives at the forefront of global contemporary practice, over four floors at the National Gallery of Victoria International and runs from December 2023 – April 2024.

Photo Credits – 1. Video (Credits TBC) 2. ALPI sample cupboard Photo: Stefan Giftthaler 3. Scale model and hand sketches of Bethan Laura Wood’s MECCA x NGV: Women in Design Commission at ALPI factory. Photo: Stefan Giftthaler 4. Bethan Laura Wood’s custom wood veneers at ALPI, designed for the MECCA x NGV: Women in Design Commission. Photo: Stefan Giftthaler 5. Construction Detail (Uncredited)

Remove, Expose, Replace, Restore.

Design Awards   Projects   Residential   Sustainability


After walking out of the AIDA Gala awards last month with multiple awards, including the award for Sustainability Advancement (sponsored by Elton Group and presented by Robert Elton) and the coveted Premier Award, for their Campbell House, the team at Tonkin Zulaikha Greer (TZG) exude both humility and an infectious passion for their project.

“This project represents a great summation of our thinking over the past decade. The opportunity was incredible” Tim Greer started with, attributed the projects’ success to their client and wider consultant team.

Understandably, on the night, their entry could only be communicated at a high level via a shortlist of images and words, but after spending time with the team, there is no doubt of the worthiness of this project as best practice in sustainability, the skill, vision, and collaborative efforts of the project outstanding.

A building transformation and re-lifing exercise, to understand the architecture and design with intention, TZG undertook a deep study of the building’s history. Starting its life as 1880s villa built for the Campbell family, through to housing the German consulate, with additions and adaptions over the decades, stripping back and adding to the original in ad hoc ways.

The project started with a deep consideration of how much to keep and to lose, an exercise in additions and insertions, salvaging material for re-use and minimising waste. The firm were pushed to create ‘white-box’ architecture (to their own admission, outside of their comfort level) one of the only specifics of the informal brief. The original elements were restored, and the creation of new contemporary elements fit seamlessly. The resulting design, a play of integration and separation resounding with a spatial simplicity and classicism.

Overlaid are a suite of beautifully resolved details connecting the old and new. Window hoods transition from contemporary streamlined to end in a soft nuance curve to the base, which not only reflects the curves of the original building, but practically allows for a variety of sill styles and depths. Similarly masterful is the fine floating handrail detail, light and elegant, winding up the stair like a piece of jewellery inside the prism- like glazed transparent staircase revealing the original façade.

The built environment sits generously around the central fig tree—a courtyard for gathering and socialising), drenched in natural light year-round due to the ingenious system of louvres (for ventilation and sun shading blades (with photovoltaic panels transforming the sun into electricity powering the building,) providing protection from the elements and ensure the visibility of the sky.

A case study couldn’t be complete without a mention of the materiality. The old brick is matched with new architectural expressions in contemporary glass bricks, mirror, married with metal, zinc, and timber veneer: Calm durable and timelessly transforming the domestic building into a contemporary workplace.

Eveneer by Elton Group—Bringing Nature to Space

Alpi Designer Collections   Eveneer Prefinished   Projects   Residential


“The perfect look and feel. Eveneer is the most consistent veneer on the market. We are blown away by the colour, grain and finish. You can’t help but touch it.” Tim Clarke of Telha Clarke

Stanhope by Kincrest, designed by Telha Clarke provides a showcase for timelessness featuring Eveneer Prefinished Xilo White Touch.

In an interview with The Local Project, Tim Clarke is quoted as saying “For something to be timeless it needs to feel like it was designed for today whilst referencing the past. For this project we wanted to avoid composite materials and timber veneer was our preferred choice…. it’s all about the consistency with Eveneer. There is no unexpected batching or finishing which is irregular. It’s always a perfect look and feel. Honestly, we are blown away by the finish. You can’t help but go up and touch it, everyone does. It’s a beautiful surface. Its durable but still gives that tactility of warmth that is difficult to get into interiors at times.”

In Telha Clarke’s Stanhope design, Eveneer Prefinished Xilo White Touch has been used cleverly in a way where is not just a finish, it’s integral to the volume of the space.

Click here for the full story in The Local Project Issue 12

Tuscan Oak—The perfect finish for this mid-century home

Evenex Sincro   Projects   Residential


Evenex Tuscan Oak was the natural choice for F3 studio designing this Murrumbeena House extension, completed in 2022. Inspired by their client’s love of all things mid-century, the functionality of the space is achieved with cleverly designed joinery. Evenex wraps around the evocative curve of the hero central island bench, the designers playing with and emphasising the direction of the grain, and is carried through to the living room joinery cleverly housing the entertainment equipment and IT, with warmth, texture and clean lines.

Design: F3 Studio
Photography: TT Cabinets + Design
Builder: Damien Kook

Timber Veneer for Award Winning Projects

Design Awards   Media


Elton Group are leaders in innovative timber veneers. With a curated approach to product, the company is driven by sustainability and community-minded principles, elevated through enduring partnerships with world leading manufacturers and designers.

As sponsors of the Sustainability award, Elton Group fully support the focus of this year’s criteria. Creativity is at the heart of sustainability. Creativity is rooted in sustainable social, economic, environmental and cultural practices. It can mean anything from humanity’s ability to transform itself to tackling specific problems. Creativity is a special kind of renewable resource; enabling us all from suppliers to specifiers to end users to embrace living out the change you want to see. We see sustainability as designing with wellness, ethical, integrity, authenticity and reasonability. In the words of Henry David Thoreau “We can never have enough of nature”.

Enhancing life’s everyday moments

Eveneer Raw   Residential


South Australian Architecture and Interiors Studio, Atelier Bond, practice what they preach. A bespoke practice located in Dulwich, Adelaide’s city fringe, celebrating its 10th year, the team is intentional about making a real difference to their clients’ lives, not only through their environmental outcomes but in the early engagement and project journey. Their client relationships are so meaningful and effective that AB has a healthy wait list, and one of their past clients has now come to work for them.

The practice has instituted several initiatives which ensure they deliver on their promise. With a strong media skill set and focus on communications, the ‘Connect’ briefing phase is intensive, client-centric and ‘different’.

Led by principal Greg Bond, whose commitment is to deliver Big Ideas in a simple and approachable way, translates through to even the smallest details, each AB team member is tasked as a subject matter expert, responsible for research and sharing this knowledge in the weekly Design Jams. The culture is collaborative and equitable, with a commitment to living out their values and culture—and recognised through their annual ‘High Roller Award’ represented by the Fluffy Dice—an acronym we love for their values.(You’ll have to ask them for the backstory here).

Whilst there is consciously no recognisable design style or vernacular, each AB project demonstrates an expert understanding of materiality and light—with a focus on textural, natural materials and craftsmanship, often involving local artisans, most projects featuring stone and timber veneer—specifically Eveneer in most projects.

Somehow the essence of each project is evidenced in the simple and evocative nomenclature.

Our 2 favourite recent projects:

The Use the Good Plates project ‘is about embracing the moment and not waiting for special occasions to gather in style, connect over a shared meal, light that fancy candle, and bring out the gift registry wine glasses. It’s about living in the now. ’ This project involved an extensive renovation to create a cohesive family kitchen. This historic 1880s former brewery had been subject to several mish-mash renovations. Atelier Bond unravelled the complex layout, resulting in a glamourous yet truly functional space reflective of the couple’s eclectic tastes and family life, a stunning design combining brass, stone, and Elton Group’s Eveneer Charred.

The Big House on the Hill, Balhannah, was designed in response to the brief of creating something worthy of the incredible site, a legacy project for present and future generations. The vast home, partly subterranean is cleverly crafted into 3 pavilions, our favourite space, the library, featuring Eveneer Ravenna. The Big House on the Hill has received industry and public acclaim—included in the Top 50 rooms 2022, published by House & Garden.

Interior Design: Atelier Bond
Photography: David Sievers
Products used: Eveneer Ravenna, Eveneer Charred

Studio May and Eveneer: Crafting spaces that celebrate form and function

Commercial   Eveneer Raw


The past 5 years have seen a dramatic shift in the distribution of the Australian design community from the big tier firms to a community of small vibrant and professional design practices, with the birth of many talented design studios. Studio May is one of these firms quietly making waves in the industry.

Studio May is a partnership between designers Martine Bonich and Naomi Webster, both experienced interior designers with complementary backgrounds and years of project experience under their collective belts in Australia and abroad. Working together (and yet physically apart through COVID), they have found a unique working methodology which has delivered some very special spaces to date.

As a small firm, they are agile and present; service is personalised and hands-on across every step of the design and delivery process, adopting an end-to-end business ethos; their integrity embracing quality over quantity.

Humble and soft spoken their humility belies the passion and commitment they have to their clients and the industry. Their Boutique Office fit out, a finalist for the AIDA awards is evidence of their passion, skill and expertise. The project, for a new venture client in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, empowered the designers to explore a refined selection of authentic and tactile natural materials, imbuing a sense of quality, generosity, and professionalism. The resulting palette is a restrained blend of natural stone, Even Walnut timber veneer and tan leather with warm neutral undertones for a timeless aesthetic: a hint of traditional with contemporary detailing, a refinement of texture and tonal sophistication sitting above style and trend.

Studio May’s commitment goes beyond their clients, embracing a shared responsibility to specify products and work with businesses like Elton Group, that promote ethical and environmentally sustainable processes as well as actively supporting young designers, paying it forward and acknowledging the mentoring and knowledge passed on to them.

Interior Design: Studio May
Photography: Peter Clarke

MAD about Elton Group Veneer

Collaboration   Residential


Elton Group met with MAD (Michelle Attard Design) Studio late in 2021 and were welcomed into their new studio space in a light and lofty position overlooking Glenelg. An oasis in suburban Adelaide, the studio exudes a calm creativity, a measured professionalism.

Following 20 years of practising design across a range of sectors and project sizes, Michelle Attard made the decision to go ‘back to her roots’ and relive her passion for design. Established in 2015, MAD Studio allowed Michelle the opportunity to work closely with clients to develop intimate project journeys which are reflected in the spaces the practice delivers. 

The practice expanded rapidly around her designers Krystalle, Lee and Meg, soon outgrowing the home office and prompting the move to a beautifully designed and appointed first floor studio suite – providing the opportunity to ‘open the door’ to bigger clients and projects.

MAD Studio are masters of high-end residential housing and as Michelle says,  “It was important to create a studio which felt calm and relaxed and intimate, where we could bring clients and feel collaborative, friendly, generous –  with a good energy.”

“It is exactly how we approach design, it’s how we resolve details and share knowledge.”

“A neutral and refined palette heroing Elton Group’s Eveneer with orderly storage and a nod to Marie Kondo, the studio is the perfect stage for presenting concepts, materiality and sampling as our team home and the context to demonstrate attention to detail and earn our client’s trust—understanding the significant financial and emotional investment they are making.”

Their practice’s success, Michelle cites is heavily based on relationships, not only with long term clients, but also the ongoing support of reps and suppliers in contributing to their practice’s project history and growth. 

One look at their projects, confirms a sophisticated knowledge and appreciation for materiality. “It’s such a big part of what we do.”

“To us materiality is very much about the relationship with the supplier”

“We also have to use the ‘budget’ word and design to what is achievable—we never want to over design and present something the client can’t attain. The product’s fit for purpose, sustainability and price are always considerations—but the relationship, contact and response is vital and cannot be underestimated.”

Often selecting timber veneers to achieve texture and warmth, the designers understand that specifying veneer requires knowledge and trusted advice.  

“We have no room for dusty binders, we expect to be continually updated and educated on new products and ranges. The more of that we have the more we will specify. For us, Elton Group is always front of mind.”

Interior Design: MAD Studio
Photography: Jonathan VDK / by Jamie

The Natural Workplace



“We collaborated with as many Australian companies as possible—including Elton Group, working with their team to deliver a natural aesthetic that is high quality and visually striking” — Matthew Crossley, Geyer Sydney

Design studio Geyer were approached to create a holistic workplace that would improve collaboration, innovation, and productivity for a government infrastructure client. The guiding principles for the project were around the creation of an egalitarian, biophilic, connected, and utilitarian workplace. “We incorporated visual elements of the surrounding views and the site’s natural context and translated the outside into a corporate workspace.”

The design team developed a concept that placed biophilic design at the forefront and implemented a material palette that evokes the rich tones and tactility of native Australian flora. Eveneer was selected as the perfect hero material for the natural palette, assisting with dissolving the boundaries between interior workplace and the surrounding landscape, bringing nature to space.

Eveneer was the used throughout the fit-out, across joinery, wall cladding and ceilings. “We particularly warmed to the Steeple Oak, as it strongly complemented the ‘Australian Flora’ palette. This formed the foundation of finishes and we used this to further develop the aesthetic for the space,” explains Crossley.

The use of Eveneer also supports the project’s sustainability goals, requiring all design decisions and material selections be environmentally conscious. “Working alongside Elton Group was a pleasure, and the project was very seamless,” says Crossley.

Content adapted with permission from Indesign Live, published 31/1/22, written by Mandi Keighran, Photographed by Simon Whitbread

Next Hotel—A home away from home



Eveneer, sustainably produced timber veneer, offered consistency over the large spaces, yet also the ability to create a finely detailed finish. The use of timber veneer is also a nod to the “Paris end” of Melbourne’s famous Collins Street, long a hub of creative activity, with couture ateliers, furniture makers, and pottery studios; and the past life of the site itself as a horse bazaar in the 1800s. “We wanted to bring wood into the project and celebrate local makers and craftsmanship,” says McColl. “That’s when we started to look at Elton Group. The Eveneer range has such a beautiful richness and depth to it, and it really helped to evoke that bygone era and celebrate the craftsmanship.”

When the Next Hotel brand approached Woods Bagot to create a new flagship hotel as part of retail and dining precinct, 80 Collins Street, they asked for a ‘modern business retreat’. It needed not only to meet the practical needs of travellers in terms of modern business and leisure amenities, but also be a welcoming space where guests wanted to relax and spend time—and warm, tactile finishes, such as Elton Group’s Eveneer timber veneer, are at the heart of this approach.

“We wanted to avoid a corporate, masculine fit-out and create little moments of joy,” reveals Bronwyn McColl, principal at Woods Bagot and leader of the Regional Hotel Sector. “I was travelling back and forth between Brisbane and Melbourne during the design phase, and it was interesting to draw on my own personal experiences of living in hotels. The thing I craved and missed most was those moments of home.” The 255-room hotel has a layered material palette with a crafted touch that feels more domestic than commercial—think richly textured timber, ceramic, opulent textiles, and leather. While this kind of domestic softness was key, finishes also needed to be able to stand up to the harsh realities of a hospitality environment. “At a hotel or restaurant, finishes get thrashed and constantly cleaned,” explains McColl. “So, it was about finding a beautiful duality of craftsmanship and durability.”

Focusing on this narrative, the Woods Bagot design team approached Elton Group to provide timber finishes to complement work from local ceramicists and artists, and eclectic textiles and furnishings. The product used throughout is Eveneer by Elton Group, in the dark shades of and Havana, Ravenna and Ristretto

The Elton Group’s Eveneer is part of the identity of the hotel from the moment of entrance. A narrow corridor, which echoes the city’s famous laneways, leads from Little Collins Street to a tiny ‘hole-in-the-wall’ seven-seat cafe and concierge point on the ground floor. The diagonal form of the dark timber veneer panels references the geometric exterior panels of the façade at a smaller scale and mirrors the use of Eveneer in the level-two reception and Club Lounge, creating a journey that draws guests into and through the hotel. The use of Eveneer timber panelling continues across multiple levels to La Madonna, a day to night dining and drinking enclave.

The timber veneer is complemented by solid timber joinery around the cocktail bar, referencing the history of the spirit Amaro and the process of barrel ageing. The detailed timber work is also a nod to the tack walls that would have been found in the horse bazaar, and the fit-out of the high-end Collins Street boutiques in the 1950s heyday of the couture industry. “We could see all these beautiful synergies coming through,” says McColl.

“The Elton Group products allowed us to create these beautiful moments.” Eveneer also gave the design team peace of mind, with standard panel sizes and a high quality that ensured consistency throughout.

This was particularly important as the project was delivered during lockdowns, and site inspections had to be done virtually. “We went on a journey with Elton Group,” says McColl. “Once we had solidified what the narrative needed to be, they were able to talk us through what products would be best suited. It was lovely to have that partnership and explore different options.”

Adapted from an Indesignlive article by Mandi Keighran

Interior Design: Woods Bagot
Photography: Sharyn Cairns

WoodWall delivers Parisian Elegance for Garcon Bleu

Commercial   WoodWall


Elton Group’s WoodWall was the perfect aesthetic and technical solution for the new Adelaide Sofitel Hotel’s 9th floor restaurant which opened late 2021.

Aligning with the hotel group’s French origins and seeking to unite the cities of Adelaide and Bordeaux, both renowned for wine and churches, Garcon Bleu is modelled on a 19th century Parisian brasserie, with timber panelling, mosaic tiling and salon hung art. Spanning the entire 9th floor, the restaurant is impressively fitted out; the warmth and grain of timber veneer balanced with marble, glass and polished metals; panoramic views of Adelaide and the Hills beyond adding to the sense of opulence. Generous and spacious, the restaurant ceiling hovers above 4m high walls finished in full height custom stained oak veneer.

The selection, sourcing and authenticity of the timber veneer was a vital factor in bringing the design to life. To coordinate with the selected French parquet floor, EG worked with Sofitel’s’ developer Palumbo to create a custom stained oak Woodwall which matched perfectly.

Sourced from over 4m long logs and sequenced matched, the flexible and paper backed WoodWall veneer allowed the crafting of perfect joints not possible with other forms of timber veneer. Pre-finished with a timber polish, elegant solid timber mouldings were added and stained to match the WoodWall creating a traditional fielded panel aesthetic.

The ease of application was combined with clever detailing to conceal service corridors and fire doors. As well as being the most cost-effective way to achieve a fully timber lined environment, the lack of space taken in traditional framing and substrates, significantly added to the floor area available for both circulation and FOH functions.

Unlike many timber panels systems, WoodWall is Group 1 Fire-Rated, making it perfect for all commercial applications.

A holistic, quality veneer with a perfect polish finish, defect free in sequence-matched runs, WoodWall is the most sustainable of our timber resources, using less than 3% of the timber used in a traditional panelling project.

Project: Garcon Bleu, Sofitel Adelaide
Design: Palumbo
Photography: Dave Ascoli

Billbergia Sales Office by MXM Design Studio

Commercial   Projects   WoodWall


The concept of biophilic design has both fascinated and challenged designers for generations, compelling architects and product designers alike to devise creative ways to bring the outside in. Through the Billbergia Sales Office project, MXM Design Studio offers a new approach for bringing nature indoors, utilising innovative timber veneer supplied by Elton Group to create a unique commercial space rich with natural beauty.

Located in the gentrified inner-western suburbs of Sydney, Rhodes Central is an upcoming mixed-use development by Billbergia, designed to create a new urban village hub set against the backdrop of waterside views and a unique mangrove environment. Capturing the essence of the prime locality was paramount to MXM Design Studio, engaged by Billbergia to design the lobby and a pivotal sales suite for Tower B.

For the design of the sales suite, MXM Design Studio worked to an overall concept of ‘curved consciousness’, creating a tranquil space for the sales team that mirrors the curvaceous form of the building exterior and the fluid movement of the river. The result is a professional yet welcoming environment that features a rich interplay of natural materiality and evokes an overall sense of calm for occupants.

The raw materiality that was integral to the overall design of the sales suite is highlighted by the extensive use of timber veneer throughout the space. MXM Design Studio specified WoodWall Cumulus from the patented Elton Group range of high-quality timber veneers as a means to incorporate the natural beauty of timber into the project. Offering both aesthetic beauty and enhanced functionality, the innovative WoodWall technology was perfectly suited to the full-height walls and curvaceous forms of the sales suite interior.

Underpinning the designer and developer’s desire to bring nature into the space, WoodWall (in colour, Cumulus) acts as the perfect accompaniment to the waterside environment, generating a tranquil atmosphere for future residents to first experience the beauty of their new natural surroundings. The large, sequenced sheets provide an undulating timber surface that draws parallels directly from the topography of the Rhodes Peninsula.

Rejecting the preconceived constraints within which designers have traditionally created sales suites, MXM Design Studio has utilised Elton Group’s advanced WoodWall technology to push the boundaries of timber veneer in both design and application. The end result is a soft and relaxing sales suite that utilises natural materiality to bring the outside in.

Words: James Lyall Smith
Photography: Ryan Linnegar

Castle in the Air

Eveneer Raw   Projects   Residential


The Highgate Penthouse at Millers Point is a refreshingly unique and beautifully detailed living space: an exercise in bringing nature to space.

Responding to its location and perched on a rocky enclave overlooking the urban and natural landscape of Sydney harbour and the iconic line of the bridge, the unique Australianness is complemented by a distinctly European timelessness through mature detailing of timber surfaces.

Rather than limiting the use of timber to that of a feature material, Studio Barbara, led by Felicity King has used veneer as the base palette, the hero underpinning the entire apartment, the result, a warm, welcoming, tactile and grounded, space. A refuge and place of calm above a busy city.

The design of the apartment is intimate, the project involved replanning the entire volume, with a focus on softening the edges. Unlike other surfaces, veneer afforded the flexibility to curve and wrap the spaces, creating a flow and connectivity ‘allowing us to create a cohesive, connected, and harmonious space through the continuity of material texture and tone’ explains Felicity. Veneered doors cleverly and seamlessly melt into veneer walls.

The concept was brought to life with Elton Group’s Eveneer Mink—a wonderfully warm and evocative midtone veneer combined with the masterful detail and craftsmanship of Matt Appino in the articulation of bulkheads, wall junctions, and joinery, fluidly reflecting the coves of the harbour beyond.

The timber veneer surfaces create a beautiful canvas for the architecture, design, and decoration to converge, with a curated overlay of artwork, personal objects and loose furniture creating the refined, understated elegance which fills the home with soul and spirit.

Beyond the aesthetic, the haptic properties of wood are infinite. Studies show how the physical touch of timber can induce parasympathetic nervous activity producing a calming effect, reducing feelings of stress and increasing positivity. Timber is one of the most effective ways to bring nature and natural materiality to interior spaces and is acknowledged as one of the key principles of Biophilic Design supporting user health and wellness.

Wood surfaces regulate humidity, enhance indoor air quality, increase thermal comfort and energy efficiency and dampen sound to improve acoustic comfort.

Studio Barbara are committed to sustainability and selected Eveneer for its quality—free from splits, knots and discolouration—and commitment to agriculture and the responsible harvesting of logs to protect and regenerate the environment

Completed in 2020, this evocative project has been shortlisted for numerous awards and gained international recognition.

Interior Design: Studio Barbara
Joinery: Matt Appino, MSA Prestige Woodcraft
Photography: Anson SmartClinton Weaver

Do what you love

Design Awards   Evenex Sincro   Projects


Ally Marrotte — IDEA2021 Emerging Designer (Shortlist)

Looking at the first built project of spatial designer Ally Marrotte, doesn’t conjure up adjectives like ‘emerging’ to describe her design practice.

Rodanthe House, her first project; through inspiration, a great client and permission to fly, was the transformation of a dilapidated home into a contemporary beauty.  At the outset, the brief was limited to the kitchen, but the partnership quickly took flight, extending the scope to renovate the entire 4-bedroom home, over a period of 4 years.

Surrounded by a family of creatives, “Do what you love and money will follow”, was the mantra her Mum impressed onto her at a young age.

Studying a Bachelor of Design at UNSW exposed her to multidisciplinary design developing the mindset and confidence to offer the complete service – from interiors, structure and development applications, through to documentation, detailing, furniture selections, budgets and tendering, styling, art curation, plant selection and landscaping. Little wonder the project comes together as a single considered and resolved space.

Very few graduate designers have this experience, but just 6 months out of university, the opportunity came via word of mouth and Ally decided to take a leap. The brief for Rodanthe House was simple: “I want something I haven’t seen before”, which perfectly matched her passion for pushing boundaries and problem solving.  The response; conceptual, holistic and gutsy, building upon the bones and details of the period home.

Ally confirms that she did second guess some of her decisions, but her diligence in research, working closely with her suppliers and leaving no detail undone, meant not only did the results show, but she learned an enormous amount on the way. Her University experience was heavy on the conceptual and light on the practical and working with suppliers and having access to their expertise and samples was vital. Knowing nothing of timber veneers beforehand, after a few ‘surprises’ seeing a raw veneer installed with the wrong finish ‘looking like a plastic wood’, she realised that an understanding of types of veneers and polishes in specification of timber veneer is important, and the only way to really ‘know what you are getting in the result’. Like many designers, Ally prefers to work with joiners she trusts ‘detailing every detail to meet my visions and do the material justice.’

‘I pretty much only use Elton Group products known for quality of veneer, finish, and patterns. Eveneer where possible and Evenex as a more affordable finish with a beautiful touch; she is drawn to the soft contemporary finishes.

Detailed to maximise the materials’ potential. Persian Walnut and Burnished Oak are heroed in Rodanthe House.

Elton Group are committed to supporting new and emerging designers like Ally selecting, detailing and specifying real timber veneers.

Design: Amarot Design Studio
Photography: Simon Whitbread

An Evolving Legacy — Elton Group

Alpi Designer Collections   Eveneer Raw   Media


Leaders in innovative timber veneers, Elton Group is renowned for a curated approach to product. Founded over 70 years ago, today the company is driven by sustainability and community-minded principles, elevated through enduring partnerships with world-leading manufacturers.

Elton Group applies a design lens to the curation of unique timber veneer products for the Australian market. Established in Melbourne in the 1930s, the company’s humble beginnings belie the expertise and design nous of the company today. “Our mission is to empower the Australian design industry to create opportunity through every product selection, colour range and conversation,” reveals Elton Group Director Karen Griffin. With a long legacy of supplying timber veneers to the design industry, Karen, alongside Managing Director Dylan Kane and Sales Director Max Mascitti, affirms the spirit of the company instilled with the passion of its founder, Karen’s late husband Michael Elton.

“From the age of 16, Michael was trained by his great-uncle – a German timber merchant who emigrated to Australia just before the Second World War,” Karen says. The duo travelled all over the world buying prized and exotic veneers for the furniture industry, establishing a relationship with Italian timber producers Alpi – the first manufacturers of re-cut timber veneer. “Michael’s great uncle became the first export customer of Alpi’s re-cut veneer,” explains Karen. “We’ve now partnered with them for over 50 years – it’s been a wonderful ongoing narrative.”

Re-cut timber veneer was first developed in the early 1900s, but the production technique was redefined by Alpi in the 1960s. Operating from the quaint Italian town of Modigliana, Alpi steams logs sourced from plantations and managed forests and rotary peels them into micro-thin veneer sheets to maximise yield. The sheets are toned to produce variations in colour, then re-pieced into ‘square logs’ to create straight grain products or moulded into ‘curved logs’ to replicate naturalistic crowns and timber grains when cut. “The product is carefully planned – the way the veneers are reassembled, moulded and sawn creates the pattern,” reveals Karen. This enables rare or endangered veneer species to be reproduced using fast-growing trees, such as poplar, lime wood and ayous, protecting old-growth forests from felling. “We’re now harvesting trees that were planted by the previous generation – it’s an incredibly thoughtful and rewarding process,” she says.

Alpi’s timber mill directly and indirectly employs approximately two thirds of Modigliana’s population, bolstering social and economic sustainability for the town. “There’s a lovely feeling when you visit, because they’re all part of this community,” Karen explains. From the raw logs to the finished product, Alpi’s product offers complete transparency in terms of environmental and social responsibility. Holding licenses for the management of 500,000 hectares of forest, Alpi gives traceability of product from its very origins. Dyes are water-based aniline and adhesives are low formaldehyde urea resin, while an advanced in-house system purifies industrial water.

Elton Group established the brand Eveneer in the 1980s – a showcase of re-cut timber veneers designed in-house and produced by Alpi. The name reflects the even finish of the product in colour, pattern and surface, free from the undesirable splits, knots and discolouration commonly encountered in conventional timber veneers. “We decided there was an opportunity to really go ahead with it – especially for a future with sustainability in mind,” Karen explains. The Eveneer product range is extensive, with colour and grains ranging from Light Oak and Silver Birdseye to deep Umber and Ravenna.

Alpi also manufactures its own range of re-cut veneers, exclusively represented in Australasia by Elton Group. The Alpi Designer collection comprises artistic timber veneers created in collaboration with world leading designers – such as Piero Lissoni, Campana Brothers, Ettore Sottsass and Patricia Urquiola – and is a testament to the company’s value of design. “The collaborators often design the pattern, then work with Alpi’s technicians to understand how to achieve it – it’s a sort of reverse engineering,” says Karen. Working with the numerous production variables, she says, “the possibilities are endless.”

Starting in the 1980s, each Alpi Designer collection encapsulates the interests and aesthetic sensibilities of the designer, developing a deep bond between the company and the creative industry. The Pointillisme veneer by Atelier Mendini is a true standout. Available in grayscale and vivid colour, the geometric patterning recalls the upholstery of Mendini’s iconic Proust armchair. The latest French Palette collection, launched in 2021 by Piero Lissoni, presents a series of bright and softly-toned timber veneers inspired by the French paintings of the early 1700s – a study in ancient colour interpreted for a contemporary audience. “It’s truly a junction between creativity, technology and nature,” Karen reflects.

With mindfulness of the changing nature of the design industry, Eveneer and Alpi Designer products are available as a pre-finished board. “The skill for polishing veneers is becoming increasingly rare and sought after,” explains Karen. “While we work with some amazingly skilled joiners, there is a rising demand for pre-finished veneers.” Given raw timber veneers darken once polished, the pre-finished samples allow for colour accuracy and confidence in specifying, while providing consistency in finish and considerable savings in time, materials and labour. “It solves a lot of problems we encounter in contemporary cabinet making,” says Karen. The company’s latest Touch finish uses cutting-edge technology to achieve a matte, finger-print free finish that preserves the look of the veneer in its raw state while being completely protected – a unique and irreplicable finish.

Touring Elton Group’s studio in Melbourne’s south-east, the community-minded nature of the company is palpable. With operations and warehousing below and sales, marketing, sampling and a timber lab above, the company benefits from the close integration of each part of the business. With an area of the warehouse flagged for redevelopment as a showroom, Elton Group is keen to celebrate the legacy of the company and the evolution of its products from factory to finished result. “We’re driven by the concept of being ‘materially different’, in that we’re constantly developing new colours, textures and patterns to inspire design,” explains Karen. Underpinned by the inventive spirit of founder,

Michael Elton, Karen suggests her husband’s vision and generosity are very much engrained in the culture of the company. “The passion Michael had for his craft will always resonate here,” she muses. “His presence is felt in everything we do.”

Words: Hayley Curnow
Photography: David Ascoli, Yongho Moon and Dave Kulesza

The details are not the details, they are the design.

Eveneer Raw   Projects   Residential


The details are not the details, they are the design — Charles Eames


Alamer, ‘House by the Sea’ is a landmark boutique apartment residence by Lowe. Conceived by a stellar design team, Fiona Lynch and Wolveridge Architects, the architecture and interiors are meticulously considered and respond seamlessly to their locale and context in Brighton, Melbourne. Known for her expertise in ‘harnessing the quiet brilliance of minimalism and materiality’ Lynch’s use of timber veneer, warm colours and inherent texture are the basis of the sophisticated and bespoke design.

From the street, robust and established flora set the tone for the palette, strong yet earthy, informing the approach to materiality. With a focus on scale and proportion, the spaces playfully and bravely combine materials and details providing an aesthetic which is minimalist and luxury, refined and understated.

“A classic layering of natural textures blends with warm appointments to create a relaxed sense of elegance, whilst inviting personalisation into living spaces,” explains Fiona Lynch. The resulting living spaces are generous in aspect, proportion and materiality, the custom joinery throughout meticulously detailed and crafted, timeless and unique.

Known for her expertise in ‘harnessing the quiet brilliance of minimalism and materiality’ Lynch’s use of warm colours and inherent texture are the basis of the sophisticated and bespoke design.

Elton Group’s ALPI Xilo Planked White, part of the Alpi Designer Collection, is the perfect complement to travertine, polished plaster, and fluted glass. The detailing also celebrates the unique beauty of the timber veneer in an experienced yet experimental way. Timber grains run horizontally across the joinery, with the return of the travertine benchtop wrapping into the detail of the drawer, unique and elegant. In other areas, full height doors and a credenza unit, also in ALPI Xilo Planked White, create a soft warm ambience throughout. Unexpected details such as the skirting, bench legs and bull-nosed shelving work together to create a sense of light and weightlessness. The textures speak for themselves and require minimal decoration.

More on Alamer on The Local Project
Contemporary Seaside Living—Alamer by Lowe Living

Design: Fiona Lynch and Wolveridge Architects
Photography: Dave Kulesza
Builder: Lowe Living

Upsides to Lockdown



Designers are trained to think outside the square, respond with agility, meet challenges head on and invent creative solutions. Dizzy with ‘pivoting’, and all the consequences of post pandemic patterns, EG spoke to some of our A&D community and their responses were a mixture of new opportunities for client engagement and servicing, new ways of thinking about our ways of working, the importance of connection with team plus adopting a few good habits learned on the side!

We are all thinking and rethinking about and using our home differently says Georgia Ezra of Studio Ezra. “A conscious dwelling makes for a sound mind, meaningful connections and complete clarity.” Alex Mason from Studio aem adds, “I often start my day off in my office and then move to the dining room table and then on to the rear patio in our private sunny garden. On the cooler days I follow the sunshine around, it’s interesting to see how we are all connected to nature even on a subconscious level.”

Many practices have adopted new team habits. Brendon Wong Design meet “Friday mornings with a team dress up zoom. It’s ridiculous and a great circuit breaker that lets us express our personal creativity and LAUGH! This is something we won’t do outside of WFH, so it’s special. The upside of lockdown” says Georgia Hawkins, adding, “I now dress for comfort at work. This will not change. I used to persist to with uncomfortable shoes … and that battle is over for good, thanks to the pandemic.”

Amanda Pocock of ACP Studio has developed a beautiful process of packaging and sending clients physical samples boxed like gifts for the full tactile experience. Who doesn’t enjoy the feel of timber veneer? “The hard finishes and samples which I normally present in person are delivered to my clients in a beautifully presented gift box. This change has been received delightfully by my clients and evokes a feeling of excitement” Amanda Pocock shares. She also notes, “I’ve found that clients who I would normally not be able to service in a traditional face-to-face environment, such as interstate or out of area projects have been incredibly open and accommodating, allowing for a really successful remotely designed project.”

Clients’ expectations have also changed with many marching into the new world with unabashed positivity and opportunity for Australian designers and suppliers looking local more than ever.

Used to working collaboratively, extended time working solo can be challenging. A number of designers interviewed chain listen to podcasts for company—“It’s a great opportunity to gather knowledge whilst being creative (or administrative). It is lonely, HOWEVER, I can listen to whatever I like, control the temperature…and be relatively uninterrupted.”

And because designers are just people too, on a personal level, Karen Garrett from FJMT shared, “The kids are learning how to cook, we are all exercising more and finding time for our personal projects—not just the paid ones!”

Stepping up and out: Studio aem

Eveneer Prefinished   Projects   Residential


After 15 years in the industry delivering high-end residential interiors in Sydney’s Eastern, Southern and Northern suburbs, Alex Mason made the decision to step up and established her own practice Studio aem eighteen months ago.

Her skill and expertise are evident in the fact her first solo project has been shortlisted for the 2021 AIDA awards.

Down to earth and engaging it is no surprise Alex is passionate about authenticity. As well as tactility this provided a healthy home for its occupants who suffer from allergies. Her favourite aspect of this project is the materiality and, in particular, the floating Eveneer bench detail in a space she transferred from a pedestrian entry to a generous and welcoming arrival.

The Inside Outside house is a special project as Alex had the opportunity to design the family home for the owner of Burraneer Bay Building, who approached her based on previous projects they had delivered together. His brief was to push the boundaries of design and construction.

A light-filled space, with high ceilings, the challenge was to create warmth and personalisation, which Alex did with confidence balancing the warm walnut tones of Fango and deep luxury of Xilo Black Eveneer with natural stone and purification tiles.

Alex works with a handful of trusted joiners, selected based on the scope of the project to craft her well-considered details. Joinery for Inside out House was created by Scotts Kitchens known for their methodical approach and eye for detail.

Alex is a frequent specifier of Eveneer. Introduced to Elton Group’s timber veneers as a young designer she is now passing this on to her daughter, Lilli who is studying design and works part-time in the business.

Design: Alex Mason, Studio aem
Photography: Brigid Arnott
Joiner: Scotts Kitchens
Builder: Burraneer Bay Building

Walan Apartment: It all counts on the inside

Eveneer Raw   Projects   Residential


If it were up to us, we would have only used the Eveneer, but in the end it was the clients’ decision to introduce the warm blush beige detailing, which, in fact, subtlety frames the veneer.” Joel Alcorn AMAO

The Walan Apartment is the perfect example of Alcorn Middleton’s fresh and energetic approach to design. Collectively qualified in Architecture and Interior Design, with several years of co-creating behind them, their projects are attracting both attention and awards for unselfconsciously breaking new ground; proof they are following their own creative journeys and approaching each project brief as a unique journey of discovery and creation.

The owners had purchased a recently completed apartment and knew it ‘wasn’t the right fit for them’ feeling too corporate and open plan; they wanted to add their own personality and sensibility and create their ‘forever home’. Two independent personal referrals lead them to the AMAO team on the recommendation ‘they do ground-breaking stuff’’. In Joel’s’ words- it was a case of ‘the stars aligning-rare and brilliant—it just felt right.

Their varied training and experience has provided them with an instinctive appreciation of interior space and sequencing; ‘it all counts on the inside’. The apartment was designed as a spacious, light filled interior using Eveneer Almond (specified by building architects Bureau^Proberts) throughout. This warm natural surface provided the perfect platform for AMAO to transform the space. Supporters of authenticity, the designers loved and were committed to the timber veneer. “If it were up to us, we would have only used the Eveneer, but in the end it was the clients’ decision to introduce the warm blush beige detailing, which, in fact, subtlety frames the veneer.

‘The apartment showcases how a relatively small collection of interventions can have a tangible effect on the functionality and atmosphere of an interior.’ These superb and inimitable joinery pieces were designed as hero elements in the space, and yet at the same time appear ‘native’. Key elements in Eveneer include a spectacular drinks cabinet, low sideboard and credenza, designed as ‘delightful obstacles’ to define sightlines, a stunning dresser and bedhead celebrating the habits and personality of the owner and a bookcase and kitchen divider, enabling choice and control, through screens and sliding panels.  Square edges rounded and joinery lifted off the floor add a lightness and sense of softness, brightness, and surprise.

Despite their prior knowledge, both confessed to having gained a deeper appreciation of timber veneers, through working with Basele, the joiner/shopfitter, who brought invaluable skill, expertise, and experience from the detailing of joinery for transportation in the lift, through to matching new veneers with existing.

Joel and Chloe prioritise time with industry representatives and value the 2-way relationships and support of Architectural reps. Elton Group look forward to supporting them in future projects.

Follow this link to The Local Project for more images of this project.

Design: Alcorn Middleton
Photography: Toby Scott

As Shakespeare famously wrote — ‘What’s in a name?’

For Matt Appino of MSA Prestige Woodcraft—the name says it all. For the past 2 decades he has honed his experience in the crafting of wood.

Not only is he passionate about the hands-on making and crafting of furniture, joinery, and panelling from timber veneers, he is also passionate about sharing his knowledge and is often invited to the studios of practices with which he works to share his knowledge on veneers, matching and detailing.

In a generous commitment to the industry, he shares his knowledge, teaching students and young designers. He agrees this knowledge is becoming rare.

A true master, but too humble to admit it, many designers will not have heard of him as his work is never tendered, coming via word of mouth and, most often, repeat business. Designers and Architects who work with him form long term relationships and value his craftsmanship and professionalism.

Matt worked with Felicity King of Studio Barbara on the Potts Point apartment; a project which heroed Elton Group’s Eveneer Fango on almost every wall surface as well as in panelling and joinery. The veneer detailing is immaculate, with Matt resolving the continuous curves at the thresholds of spaces, superbly matching the timber grain on cabinetry, and mastering the subtle scallops of the bathroom joinery.

We met with Matt, in his Western Sydney workshop, amongst sawdust and woodworking reference books and discussed the significant changes in documentation and detailing.

Last century architects and designers pored over drawing boards, articulating every junction, detail, and edge, often building models and prototypes to perfect the materiality. Now, in the days of tighter budgets, breakneck programs and 3D visualisation, a joiner or cabinet maker is more likely to receive a performance specification, or a brief set of design direction plans and elevations rather than a full set of drawings. It is then up to the craftsman to bring their experience and expertise into resolving, translating, and ultimately making. The success of project outcomes relies on the experience, passion, and expertise of the joiner, as well as the working partnership.

Matt has been using Eveneer ‘for as long as I can remember’ and has seen many ‘trends, come and go in the meantime’. He knows which products are fit for use and designers come to MSA Prestige Woodcraft for his opinions and advice because ‘he knows his stuff’.

Interior Design: Studio Barbara
Photography: Clinton Weaver


Projects   Residential


Arcos house is named for its celebration of arches, beautifully referencing the original Queenslander and Spanish Mission style of its predecessor. A tunnel-like entry leads to an arched doorway which opens to reveal an awe-inspiring space where the arched geometry transforms into generous curves.

The design is a stunning interplay of materiality and volumes, rendered concrete providing a soft, neutral base throughout the house. Additional materials are introduced, to provide a sense of warmth and scale; the sitting room features Evenex Deep Grain Oak cabinetry with curved edges that melt into the walls.

Evenex Deep Grain Oak is also used in the kitchen, the hub of the house, central to the living spaces, where it provides a break away from the soft tones of the rendered concrete adding a complimentary tonality  with contemporary minimalist detailing, also seen in feature joinery throughout the bedrooms.

REWIND Asplund Pavilion Venice Biennale 2018

Alpi Designer Collections   Eveneer Raw   Projects


ALPI Xilo Striped XL White is a classic veneer developed in collaboration with Piero Lissoni and cameoed in the 2018 Asplund Pavilion, Venice, by Alpi.

Designed by Architects Francesco Magnani and Trudy Pelzel on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Pavilion was developed around the architectural vocabulary of traditional Scandinavian wooden stave churches:  a prismatic crystal-like form clad entirely in ALPI wood.  The exterior was wrapped in 9000 experimental dark grey timber veneer shingles and the interior is lined entirely in ALPI Xilo Striped XL White designed to house a temporary exhibition of original drawings by Gunnar Asplund for the Woodland Chapel.

The Asplund Pavilion is symbolic of Alpi’s commitment to the world of design, and continued commitment to innovation and technology in timber veneer. In the words of Vittorio Alpi, ‘We developed this experimental design; a complete novelty in the context of our business.  This type of challenge stimulates us to achieve beauty while solving new technical problems. This challenge was not easy, but we accepted it with enthusiasm, and we are very pleased to have gotten beyond what we believed were some of our limitations. All of us at the company are proud to have contributed to this exceptional project with our work.” VA 2018

Built on their commitment to ongoing research, design collaboration and innovation in wood, this project reflects Alpi’s focus and passion for the visual arts and the world of design.

ALPI Xilo Striped XL White is exclusive to Elton Group in Australasia.

Design: Francesco Magnani and Trudy Pelzel, Map Studio for Alpi
Photography:  Frederico Cedrone

Additional Media
Watch a video presentation of the Asplund Pavilion here.

Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom Sydney

Eveneer Raw   Projects


“The undeniable heart of the home, the kitchen is a space for gathering, sharing and coming together, with cooking and eating at it’s heart. With a superb focus on materiality and detail, the new Sub-Zero & Wolf showroom in Sydney is an exceptional space for celebrating the art of hospitality and the tools of the trade.” IndesignLive March 1

In the heart of Sydney’s Surry Hills, a hotspot for design and all things food related, the new showroom, designed by Adele Bates is both an aspirational and hospitable space, showcasing the stunning range of appliances and creating an inviting space to welcome, inspire and educate visitors, architects and designers into the world of Sub-Zero and Wolf.

The space responds to the character of the old inner-city suburb, the perfect backdrop and context for showcasing the Sub-Zero & Wolf brand offer, in a high-end fit-out that perfectly matches its heritage and diversity. Bates has expertly planned the interior as 2 distinct spaces, using Elton Group’s Eveneer in Mink and Eveneer Prefinished in Anthracite Oak Groove against a palette of stone and reeded glass with brass fittings and classic detailing.

Design: Adele Bates
Photography: Fiona Susanto
Visit: Sub-Zero & Wolf

Centennial House

Eveneer Raw   Projects   Residential


“A good bathroom is a living room also” says Peter Johnk and Corinna Kretschmar of Joi Design, (Architectonic, March  2021)  and the Centennial House Project by Isabelle Harris Design and Jonathan Spicer is the perfect example.

Whilst a significant number of spaces have been clothed in the stunning Xilo black veneer, the bathrooms have become hero spaces, normally hard surfaces, in bright light finishes, Isabelle describes these spaces as like living jewellery boxes, her favourite room, the guest powder room.

Crossways House, Centennial Park, designed by Architects Waterhouse and Lake, is a refreshingly beautiful nod to the past.  The house, built in 1908, is an example of the Federation Arts and Crafts style but was stripped bare of much of its detail in the 1980’s and this project has skilfully and sensitively re-inserted elements such as the dark veneer panelling which reference the original in a contemporary and subtle way.

Growing up in a Glenn Murcutt home provided the designer with the grounding in, and appreciation for fine art and architecture, and the house she now lives in provided her the perfect opportunity to follow her passion.  “In Australia we design well for pared back indoor-outdoor spaces, using concrete, stone and light timbers, but this was an exercise in looking back to the past.”

Eveneer Xilo Black 2-Flamed was selected as the perfect colour tone- a dark cool rich timber with a subtle yet striking grain, the perfect shade against the stained parquet floors- not too grey, not too warm. The outcome is a superb marriage of high-end finishes and considered and masterful detailing. The project is a testament to the fact that great joinery is the result of the triptych relationship between designer, supplier, and joiner. Projects like this one are not every day for most joiners, and N&J joiners took on the challenge, bringing their own passion and commitment to the best outcome, acknowledging the quality of Eveneer allowed them to achieve the organic curves and appreciating the quality and consistency of colour and grain.

In Isabelle’s words, the Eveneer sits quietly with the other luxurious and natural finishes- timbers and stones.  “The veneer is stunning; I’d love to be able to work with it again.”

Design: Isabelle Harris and Jonathan Spicer
Photography: Dominic Loneragan

Elton Group x Broached Commissions

Collaboration   Exhibition   Sustainability


Elton Group were once again involved in Melbourne Design Week; this year, in partnership with Broached Commissions, making its Australian debut with Broached Recall, a collection of twelve new limited open edition applied art monoliths each utilising Elton Group’s precious vintage veneers.

For Elton Group this collaboration represents a celebration of our heritage and expertise, spanning almost a century at the forefront of innovation in creating and supplying ethically and sustainability produced timber veneer. The monoliths incorporate seven heritage timber veneers from the archive of Elton Group, dating back from the 1930’s through to the 1990’s, combined with our more contemporary and colourful retoned and recut Eveneer range. By matching new and historical veneers, each Recall object is a unique dialogue between the past and present global management of our precious timber resources.

Broached Commissions worked with John Warwicker to develop the pattern language and design of both the monoliths and the stunning magnetic pulls, adding an evocative element of mystery and curiosity. As part of this exhibition a short documentary shot by Paul Barbera, explores the fabrication of the works, abstracted by the theme of the ever-accelerating grid of modernity and its ability to absorb everything within its ubiquitous form.

The NGV has acquired one of the monoliths for it’s permanent collection.

Creative Direction: Lou Weis
Design Direction: Laura Clauscen
Fabrication: Woodcraft Mobiliar

Melbourne Design Week is an initiative of the Victorian Government and delivered by the National Gallery of Victoria, the inaugural Melbourne Design Week. Now in its fifth consecutive year, Melbourne Design Week 2021’s focus returns with a multi-site program of design activations and provocations under a compelling theme: ‘Design the world you want’ where designers demonstrate how they can collaborate to create a better and healthier future for the planet. Melbourne’s creative community post lockdown flocked with energy and enthusiasm to a host of events and installations throughout the city.

Lime St Skin Clinic Barangaroo

Commercial   Projects   WoodWall


“WoodWall took the project from really beautiful to spectacular.”

JBD was commissioned to design the Lime St skin clinic during the significant period of change and challenge called COVID. Jason was presented with the challenge of transforming a 1980’s commercial building with low ceilings and exposed I beams into an oasis of tranquillity and opulence in Sydney’s Barangaroo. The brief; to create a space to allow clients to pause, relax and renew.

The story goes that a design colleague had recommended Woodwall to Jason, and this project provided the perfect opportunity: A small space (150m2 over 2 floors) requiring expert planning to maximise space and circulation, resulting in the language of curved elements the obvious design solution and WoodWall the natural surface finish.

WoodWall in Planked Walnut was selected to wrap around the undulating partitions, providing the required flexibility and bringing richness to the space. As the project progressed, WoodWall was also used across other surfaces. The resulting space cocoons through the series of softly curved spaces wrapped in walnut veneer; dark, rich and moody in contrast to the light, clean line aesthetic commonly adopted in beauty clinics.

Observed by Jason, this project represents a beautiful ‘end to end’ story working with Elton Group. One of the project’s biggest challenges was in meeting code requirements for Luminance Visual Contrast without compromising the rich dark moody palette. Elton Group worked with Jason to provide the light reflectance values, enabling him to reach an outcome both the design team and the certifier were happy with, incorporating a deep gloss green used on the skirting and architraves.

WoodWall perfectly mastered the organic curves and became the signature element to this project. Jason is now a convert to WoodWall. “Reflecting back Woodall took the project from really beautiful to spectacular. I’m looking forward to using it again. “

The project manager of TD Shopfitters Elton Zhu also working with WoodWall for the first time, was won over by the ease of application and the quality of the prefinished polished surface , allowing the joiners to simplify logistics and reduce time both in production and on site.

Project: Lime St Skin Clinic Barangaroo 2020
Design: JBD Design
Builder: TD Shopfitting
Photography: Traianos Pakioufakis

2020 Design Graduates

Education   Supporting our graduates


Elton Group supports local design talent and recognises that today’s graduates are the design community of tomorrow: creators and curators of the future. To all the 2020 graduates across Australia, congratulations and welcome to the Design Industry. The year ahead will be one of full immersion into the world of clients, project deadlines, knowledge immersion and a fast track appreciation of materiality.

Elton Group offer designers and makers a broad range of options for bringing natural timber surfaces and products into space, ranging from traditional veneers to our unique and state-of-the-art recut veneers created in partnership with Alpi, Italy. Our timber surfaces have been designed to deliver the quality, texture and grain of timber in a sustainable and affordable way.

Sustainability and responsible material selection is a big driver in the world of specification today. Veneer is one of the most environmentally efficient and economical ways to design with timber as one cubic metre of veneered natural timber can cover a surface area in excess of 1,000m2.

As a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified organisation, Elton Group is committed to supplying wood veneers in accordance with advanced environmental standards for forests, water and raw material utilisation.

Timber veneer production offers designers unique opportunities for innovation. To create these unique wood veneers, fast growing timber species are transformed into infinite varieties and decorative effects through a process that peels the log, tones the wood by immersion and layers the sheets to create a new log. A fascinating production process, where a living material like wood can be enhanced and curated in a multitude of grains and colour.

Take time to explore our website, including our renowned Eveneer timber veneer range, our Eveneer Prefinished range delivering a high quality polished finish, the Alpi Designer Collections; veneers created in collaboration with some of the world’s leading designers, creating patterns that cannot be found in nature, with utterly original chromatic effects and the truly inimitable Woodwall, a flexible veneer applied to surfaces like a wallpaper.

Elton Group have been suppliers of natural timber veneers, offering expert knowledge and service to the Australian market for 80 years and we are always available to assist with product understanding, selection and specification. Feel free to contact Elton Group at any point for advice and specification assistance.

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The Dulux Colour Forecast 2021



Soothing Shades and Natural Textures.

The Dulux Colour Forecast is an annual report that looks at current cultural trends set to
impact design over the coming year. As most European design and architecture shows
(where research for the Colour Forecast is usually conducted) were cancelled, the 2021
report is underpinned by new sources, including numerous virtual updates, and
engagements with local and international brands.

In response to the pandemic, the 2021 forecast reflects the desire for reassurance and strength, with three nurturing palettes that speak of familiarity and comfort. ‘This year’s soft, earthy neutrals, muted greens and gentle mauve-greys provide a reassuring connection with nature, while richer and brighter hues, such as coral and stormy blue, awaken our senses and allow for moments of optimism,’ Expressed as three tonal palettes, there’s an emphasis on natural colours and textures for comfort and security, with moments of stronger colour to brighten our outlook and wellbeing.

The familial warm whites, brown-based neutrals and dusty blues of the Retreat palette are a reaction to the current instability of the world, offering a sense of familiarity and refuge. This palette includes Eveneer Woodwall Ravenna and Angora, pared with unpredictable material and colour combinations such as burgundy and deep ocean blue.

The Nourish palette features Elton Group’s Woodwall in Frosted Oak complimented by mossy and sage greens, turmeric and citrus that play into the collective longing for earthly connection, as technology use increases. Gentle, buff neutrals and touches of tan, soft olive and muted ochre capture our renewed appreciation for natural beauty. Finally, the Reset palette contains uplifting hues of blue-green, energetic reds and contrasting neutrals to brighten our outlook as we adapt to home life.

Reference ‘Soothing Shades and Natural Textures’
Design Files August 2020 Amelia Barnes

Dulux Australia
Dulux New Zealand
Photography by Mike Baker
Styling by Bree Leech

Vivid Design Awards 2020

Collaboration   Design Awards   Product Design


Elton Group advocate and collaborator Colin Whitehead, designer of Special Things furniture was awarded honorable mention as finalist for Concept Design award category as part of the Vivid Design awards 2020.

Vibrant Visions in Design (VIVID) is Australia’s longest running design competition. 2020 marks the 17th anniversary of this highly anticipated industry platform, and shining a spotlight on our emerging furniture, lighting & object designers. VIVID has kick-started the careers of many prolific Australian designers and is recognised as an important destination for both the local and international design industry. Vivid Design and Decor is judged by a panel of prominent and respected industry figures, winning design prototypes were exhibited at the VIVID Awards Gallery a virtual design event in September October 2020.

Whitehead’s commended design Form is a sustainably designed table which uses Elton Group’s Pangauanta eply faced with Eveneer Xilo 2 flame. Sitting on a metal gate leg base, the top is designed to function as a narrow hall table, or wider sideboard and adapt to different spaces and and functions, It has a multiple purposes creating a longevity for a lifetime of use.

FSC Friday 2020

Environment   FSC   Sustainability


Wood is one of our few renewable resources and those of us in the forest products industry have a responsibility to ensure protection and wise utilisation of our forests so that they will be available for future generations.Elton Group is committed to supplying timber veneers in accordance with advanced environmental standards for forests, water utilisation and raw material utilisation. All our veneers are sourced from woods harvested in accordance with the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) International Trade Agreement. Elton Group is FSC® certified (Forest Stewardship Council®) FSC Licence Code FSC-C020940. The FSC label indicates that the wood used in the production of veneer wood originates from sustainably managed forests according to strict environmental, social and economic standards and other controlled sources.

Every great architect is a poet

Projects   Residential   WoodWall


Frank Lloyd Wright summed it up in his renowned quote- Every great architect is a Poet and Madeleine Blanchfield has poetically created a project for her own home Tree House. Situated in Bronte in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs the home masterfully uses Eveneer and WoodWall in Frosted Oak to create curves and a seamless, natural and a light-filled living environment. The result is a light-filled interior that feels as though it’s been suspended in the trees, reminiscent of a treehouse. This project was shortlisted for the AIDA awards 2020, featured in Belle Magazine, and published in Houses and Grand Designs Australia. An evocative and creative application

Photography by Anson Smart
Source: Yellowtrace

Everybody loves Oak

EvenOak   New Colours


EvenOak was released in 2020 as a new collection in the Eveneer range. A magnificent timber with timeless appeal and endless opportunities, oak continues to inspire architects, designers and furniture makers the world over with its strength, durability and inherent beauty. The natural timber veneers of even Oak are made from sustainably harvested European Oak embodying the warmth, distinctive grain and texture of oak in a cost-effective veneer surface. A natural timber veneer, EvenOak retains the unique beauty, texture, and grain of the oak, created with a refined planked pattern in a range of warm hues inspired by the tones of aged oak.

Visit EvenOaks for more colours and details.

AIDA Awards 2020

Collaboration   Design Awards   Media


Elton Group were proud partners and sponsors of the Australian Interior Design Awards for 2020. As with almost every public event this year, the AIDA Awards night, took on a very different form. Announced via a live broadcast on Friday 29 May winners were contacted in real time, as participants were encouraged to gather in small practice groups. In lieu of the full celebration event, attendees were provided a checklist eDM with a link to the AIDA at Home Playlist and refreshment recipes.

Elton Group creative team offered up options for Friday night fish and Chips, inspired by our Japanese collaborators, of seared spiced tuna cubes with Wasabi cream, and to balance the high tech AIDA live stream, our signature take on the Old Fashioned. A warming textured whisky based cocktail with a woody aroma. (Recipes available from EG)

Winners were announced across seven primary categories as well as the Sustainability Advancement Award, sponsored by EG which was awarded to Jackson Clements Burrows Architects for Gillies Hall, cited by the jury as ‘an exemplar project design demonstrates the ability to integrate sustainability through all the touchpoints in multi-residential student accommodation, from the living, sleeping and studying quarters through to the planning of communal and collaborative spaces.

This is really exciting and visible sustainability put to great effect, with exposed CLT panels, the use of FSC timber and plenty of natural ventilation, all of which places people at the core of the sustainability proposition.’ Aligning with EG principles through its sustainable initiatives, it puts the health and wellbeing of its residents first and foremost.

While the project was challenging, the outcome offers healthy, comfortable and engaging spaces for its students to live and study in. Interior spaces are generous, well ventilated, have consistent interior temperatures and offer rich views to its leafy native bush campus setting.

The Local Project celebrates extraordinary design to an inspired community



After meeting the team behind the Local Project at the launch of the magazine, as part of Denfair in 2019, Elton Group immediately felt a synergy and connection to the brand and culture of the Local Project. To demonstrate our commitment, we have supported the magazine in partnering in Issues 2 and 3, aiding TLP’s aim to champion the best- from industry leaders to emerging designers, with a focus on exceptional human-centered design, as advocates of the ongoing value of authentic design, materiality and experience.

We are continuing to reshape our thinking

General   Samples


Benjamin Franklin was quoted as recognising that ‘out of adversity comes opportunity’ and in response to the shifts in work and life brought on by COVID, and to assist our A&D community work in a more mobile and agile way, Elton Group designed a limited-edition pocket deck. A handy, mobile kit of palm-sized real veneer samples each with QR code linked to full detail; the mini reference library makes specification easy from anywhere. Pocket decks can be ordered by emailing us at

Colour is everything, black and white is more – Dominic Rouse

Eveneer Prefinished   New Colours


Because the world is full of colour—there is always the need for black and white. Elton Group has created the perfect complement to the Eveneer Prefinished timber veneer collection; Pure Black and Pure White, monochrome sophistication, perfectly in tune and clear in tone. Made from real timber, wire brushed to enhance the natural timber grain, Pure Black and Pure White are finished with the world’s leading timber polishes to ensure quality, eliminate guesswork and provide a ready to use timber surface. With a new and unique texture and feel, nothing else competes with this prefinished veneer accentuating the essential character of the wood through natural textures, low gloss levels and anti-fingerprint technology. The addition of Pure Black and Pure White to our Prefinished Eveneer timber veneer range adds depth and contrast and provides specifiers with new tools for bringing spaces and surfaces to life.

Melbourne Design Week 2019

Collaboration   Exhibition


When everyday and familiar objects are presented differently, it causes us to look beyond their functional value. As part of MDW 2019 and exhibited by Kfive, The exhibition Superficial highlighted how our perception of objects sometimes is only skin deep and how easily we can be tricked and our expectations can be challenged. Using Elton Group timber veneers as a medium Melbourne-based designers Yan Huang, Manuel Canestrini and Colin Whitehead showcased designs which explored relationships between our psychic expectations and physical reality by experimenting with functionality, material and surface of objects.

We are reshaping our thinking



Elton Group are rethinking and reinventing our services in response to the challenges of the current situation to ensure we continue to supply you with product, personalised service, advice and support.

Whilst keeping our people safe, we remain fully operational with stock in each of our warehouses in VIC, WA and QLD and our partner warehouses in NSW and SA and our team ready to dispatch both samples and product.

Elton Group, with 80 year’s experience in supplying timber products, have lived through and adapted to a number of challenging global circumstances and external impacts. We are committed to continuing to serve our valued customers and using adversity to forge a better future.

Please call us to discuss how we can help you with both current and future project needs.

Order 100 x 100mm colour board samples via product pages on the website.

Replenish binder samples by ringing your state rep or contacting Elton Group directly on
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WA Specification
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WA Trade
Gary Walton
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NZ and Overseas enquiries
Dylan Kane
+61 417 287 658 –